Exceptional' Professional Practice Talks on a number of subjects to help artists.

'Invigorating and Truly Inspirational' Backlit Gallery. Nottingham.

'Enthralling and so professionally and inspiringly done' Peter Phillips, Chair of West Midlands Branch, Arts Council England,

"Inspiring, practical and entertaining."

“Invaluable…. A lifeline!”

Book Launch. WTDTYIAS. Photo courtesy of  David X Green (14).jpg

Practical, discursive, insightful and instructive talks teaching a range of artist professional development subjects to help new graduates and emerging artists begin to understand the practical and philosophical aspects of an art career and learn how they can navigate the difficult transition between education and making a career as an artist and breaking into the creative industries.

As a new graduate or established you will be in a constant state of development personally and professionally as you negotiate all the aspects of building a career in the art world. Out of necessity artists must become their own business, finance, sales and marketing manager, researcher, curator and administrator; ultimately, the project manager of your career as an artist.

Davis lectures for universities, galleries and art organisations across the country including at the Royal College of Art, the ICA, Camden Arts Centre, UAL and ArtQuest.

You can read online two recent reviews and reflections on her seminar at Chapel Arts Studio, one by an artist Maija Lepins and the other by an art student Annette Warner 

She is co-author of the internationally published What They Didn't Teach You in Art School.

Davis has mentored for a number of years; for a-n, Shape, Artquest, UKYA, independently with individual artists and for PLOP.