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'Rosalind produces sophisticated and purposeful work. Serious, innovative and intelligent, Rosalind is an artist of great integrity and vision.' Graham Crowley, Former Professor of Painting at the RCA

 “A transformative piece which looks to fold, shift, disassemble, lean and reconfigure itself with endless possibilities. Rosalind relates this to her earlier paintings of brutalist and modernist buildings as if she's taken the structure and pulled it out and turned it into a sculpture Davis’ sculptural interventions have an ability to change composition in a circular narrative portraying how we move through space while adapting to the structures and how we adapt structure to the way we move through space’ Jillian Knipe, Wall Street International 

'Davis’ paintings conjure a set of complex interior spaces...Entry Point, a steel and thread sculpture suspended in the stairwell, effortlessly achieves a harmony of materials, form and space that evokes approval of the modernist integration of art and life.' David Gledhill, a-n reviews.

'Within these attempts at addressing the collapse of the urban grand narrative comes, in the best of them at least, a sensitive attunement to the personal. This is certainly the case in the works of artist Rosalind Davis, who incorporates painting, embroidery and mixed media fragments into a sustained attempt to navigate the relationship between the individual and the systemic/architectural.' Tom Jeffreys, Writer and Critic

'Rosalind Davis reveals herself to be a visionary artist of sensitivity and complexity.' Andrew Bryant a-n.

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