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Complicity: Artifice and Illusion at Collyer Bristow Gallery

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Justin Hibbs.
Exhibition 3 March - 7 June 2016
Artists: Hermione Allsopp, Sasha Bowles, Guy Bigland, Mel Brimfield, Alastair Gordon, Andrew Grassie, Justin Hibbs, Debbie Lawson, Peter Liversidge, Gibson/Martelli, Helen Maurer, Damien Meade, Marion Michell, Clare Mitten, John Richert, Joella Wheatley and Virginia Verran.
Curated by Rosalind Davis

"A cracking show. The private view was absolutely packed with an eclectic combination of lawyers and artists, all rounded off by Nicholas Serota arriving to look closely at the artworks while dressed in his customary long grey raincoat and briefcase..."
- Robert Dunt on
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Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4TF