Artists Professional Development

Rosalind Davis delivers 'Exceptional' Professional Practice Talks on a number of subjects to help creatives.

'Invigorating and Truly Inspirational' Backlit Gallery. Nottingham.

'Enthralling and so professionally and inspiringly done' Peter Phillips, Chair of West Midlands Branch, Arts Council England,

"Inspiring, practical and entertaining."

“Invaluable…. A lifeline!”

Practical, discursive, insightful and instructive talks to help new graduates and emerging artists begin to understand the practical and philosophical aspects of an art career and learn how they can navigate the difficult transition between education and making a career as an artist and breaking into the creative industries.
As a new graduate or established you will be in a constant state of development personally and professionally as you negotiate all the aspects of building a career in the art world. Out of necessity artists must become their own business, finance, sales and marketing manager, researcher, curator and administrator; ultimately, the project manager of your career as an artist.

Davis lectures for universities, galleries and art organisations across the country including at the Royal College of Art, the ICA, Camden Arts Centre, UAL and ArtQuest, teaching a range of artist professional development subjects and is co-author of the internationally published What They Didn't Teach You in Art School. Davis has mentored for a number of years as well, for a-n, Shape, UKYA (where she is also an Ambassador) as well as independently with individual artists.

Please email for more details / quotes for your arts organisation. 1-2-1 Mentoring for individuals is below.

Mentoring / 1-2-1's

"I think that may have been the most valuable 60 minutes of my career as an artist."

A 1-2-1 is a fantastic opportunity to have an incredibly helpful and intensive tailored session with Rosalind Davis on a range of areas to review or revitalise your practice, get advice and tips on all the practical aspects of being an artist, raise your profile and set long term goals and strategies.

Have a fantastic opportunity to have an incredibly helpful mentoring session with artist and curator Rosalind Davis on a range of areas to review or revitalise your practice, get advice and tips on all the practical aspects of being an artist, raise your profile and set short and long term goals and strategies.
Rosalind can help you in a wide variety of area such as:
• Writing an Artist's Statement so that it really does articulate your work in an intelligent, coherent and comprehensive way.
• Guidance in Curating projects
• Writing Proposals for residencies and exhibitions.
• Raise your profile, promote your art practice and consider new ways to get your work seen and create new networks.
• How to use / maximise your impact on Social Media and ways of marketing.
• Critical Review your website / online profile / portfolio and guidance
• Advise and tips on thriving, sustaining and surviving as an artist, networks and opportunties.

All sessions are personalised and tailored to you with helpful handouts sent to you after our sessions.

I have mentored artists for many years now for a-n, Shape, UKYA as well as independently and I love to help each artist move forward in their practices in their individual ways, to advise, build their confidence in their work and profiles, achieve goals and expand their knowledge of the art world. As an artist myself I recognise the many challenges artists face but also strategies to deal with these challenges or alternative models to traditional ones such as DIY Projects. Mentoring is also a way for me to understand more about yourself and your practice and to share appropriate opportunities with you and introduce you to new networks of artist, curators and galleries.

1-2-1 Mentoring / Consultancy for artists costs £75 an hour.

Feedback for sessions:

"I chose Rosalind Davis because of her breadth of knowledge and experience of professional practice. Rosalind's careful, thoughtful and insightful observations helped me evaluate my practice and identify key aspects of my work. Through this I gained a better understanding of my practice, and how to communicate this understanding. This led to a new, clear and concise statement of practice, which in turn led to a complete overhaul of my website. I now feel I am better equipped to move my career forward." - Rich White

“My tutorials with Rosalind have been an enormous support in taking my emerging practise to a whole different level. I feel more confident, more professional and much more connected. Confidence in particular feeds the creative possibilities.
With her support in tailor made tutorials I now use social media as an artist, in a focussed way. Using twitter in particular has led to some really good networking and to joint working opportunities. I set up my own website which she helped me design and develop so that I could feel it reflects who I am as an artist - through building my confidence and helping me distill and focus my ideas and think more seriously about what it is I am interrogating, how I want to be seen and to step into the word/label 'artist'. She has helped me explore my likely direction of creative travel and to think about what tools I need to get there. The cv and artists proposal that she also guided me with led to acceptance on an artists residency in Argentina in May of 2015. This residency in turn influenced my ongoing work.” Helen Peacock

"I approached Rosalind for advice and guidance with my application for a residency. I am so glad that I did. The advice was invaluable and the assistance attentive. Rosalind really helped me to give absolute clarity to my statement."

"The session has really raised my expectations of getting my work shown with concrete ideas of how to go about it. I would like to thank both very much for helping me change my perspective." - Simon Fell

"I think that may have been the most valuable 60 minutes of my career as an artist. I appreciate the fact that you spent so much time seriously considering my work and the fact that you did helps me believe in my own project as a serious professional endeavour."
Phillip Hall Patch

I also provide businesses with consultancies on a variety of subjects such as Social Media Marketing and Communications after having run a number of short courses at LCC for two years as well as prior to that in a number of venues.
Clients have included the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and E4. The fee will be dependant on needs, time required and group sizes.

1-2-1's are usually in person but they can take place via Skype. All sessions are personalised and tailored to you with helpful handouts sent to you after our sessions.

Please get in touch for an appointment at

Recent Lectures:
Please see the news page for upcoming lectures!

The (Fine) Art of Opportunity: Generation, Inspiration, Canniness and Chance
22 June 3.30-5pm
Wimbledon College of Arts,Merton Hall Road, London, SW19 3QA

Most of us recognise that the recipe for making your own luck requires ingredients of determination, resilience and hard work, but also being open to possibilities, a willingness to move organically and flexibly, and the art of persuasion.
Come and hear artist and curator Rosalind Davis talk about that slippery customer opportunity, what it involves and how to spot it, create it, take advantage of it, network for it, and maximise it.

4 May 2-4pm
Brewery Tap, Folkestone. Part of Uncovered Kent, Casement Arts and Threads Kent
For more info email:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Hotel Elephant, 1-5 Spare Street, SE17 3EP
£5 per ticket, book here

Art School Futures Panel Discussion
Thursday 18 January, 3pm
Mall Galleries, The Mall, London
How is art education changing in the 21st century? What will art students of the future be learning? What effect will the rise of tuition fees have on the art school of tomorrow? How will nascent alternative programmes develop and what effect might they have on the mainstream system?

Our three speakers, Turps Banana Studio Programme Leader, Phil Allen, curator and writer, Rosalind Davis and Vice Chancellor of Norwich University of the Arts, John Last, address what they see the art school of the future to look like from their individual professional perspectives.
Book here