Davis has been an award winning blogger on and has published several blogs over the years.
To The Light
July 2013; To The Light, Top 3 blog of the Month for July.
To the Light Exhibition is reflections of Davis' practice in the lead up to a solo show at Bruce Castle Museum in Tottenham 2013, that takes as its starting point, the powerful depictions of the destruction of the 2011 Riots which spread from London to Manchester and moves from this point of destuction to creation of a body of work exploring reparation,space&transformation.

2012; SHOW&TELL blog is a collection of notes from ZeitgeistArtsProjects talks as well as other talks/conferences/debates/ exhibitions for artists. It was a way of giving some insight to those who cannot attend these event & an archiving device for some remarkable artists, arts organisations and projects.

Becoming Part of Something Part 2
Becoming Part of Something Part 1 led to the development of a 'superb' dynamic artist led space: Core Gallery & DIY Educate. In November 2011 Davis left Core Gallery to set up an Independant Artist led project space ZeitgeistArtsProjects with Annabel Tilley which continues to support and nurture artists through talks, events and exhibitions.
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Becoming Part of Something Part 1
Artist Rosalind Davis’ blog – Becoming Part of Something – is an insightful, reflective diary that deals with the personal aspects of an artist running an artist-led gallery as well as documenting exhibitions and thinking carefully about the pros and cons of the type of work she does. " Rosalind seems to be unafraid of writing about contentious topics and is, equally, happy to share her knowledge and experiences with the artistic community. Brilliant".

Choice blog on a-n, Artists Talking - selected by Sian Hislop, June/July 2010
Rosalind Davis' blog 'Becoming Part of Something' is a perceptive and illuminating insight into the trials and tribulations artists face on their post-college odyssey. 'Becoming Part of Something' won the accolade of a-n's Blog of the Year 2009, and the draw I felt towards it demonstrates that she continues to set a compelling tone. Her posts have the potential to inspire other artists to use their energy and vision to help make change possible.
Siân Hislop, artist.

Blog 1:John Jones. Projection Space and the future
May-August 2009
Info about the Projection blog: 'An honest self-critique and insight into both making work and developing a career. '

Matt Roberts chose Rosalind's Projection blog as a ' choice blog' on artists newsletter in July 2009:
'Rosalind Davis' Blog illustrates an artist tentatively using the medium as a tool for self-critique, laying out her feelings about her work as it develops. Beyond the life of this project her blog exists as a living portfolio, as we, the reader are offered a window into the ideas that lay behind each piece as she juggles the pressures of life, work, and artistic ambition...we gain an insight into how her work has been shaped by the community around her. Overall we see a picture of a talented and committed artist, making difficult practice-based and career decisions, whilst trying to remain financially stable, and a functioning person.
A narrative I'm sure we can all empathise with. '