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Julia Alvarez, Director of Bearspace discusses Rosalind Davis’ work

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The Coronet
Her painting style is strong in technique and style, yet the artist draws on interests beyond this. As a southeast London girl I am drawn to iconic buildings, such as ‘The Coronet’ theatre in Elephant & Castle. This is perhaps the greatest signifier of Rosalind’s thinking. The Coronet was a public hall/theatre in Elephant and Castle, originally built in 1882, at the time of the music halls of the East End, it was then reincarnated as a cinema years later, and like many of the music halls fell into decline. Many of these are boarded-up, some used for night clubs, but not the thriving working class communities that brought these places to life. Many of Rosalind’s paintings include these types of buildings or empty housing estates, once the hive of working class activity, the trappings of chintz, a symbol of the house proud, now are redundant.

With this inside/outside view of buildings, Rosalind almost supersedes the buildings themselves with the materials that could be seen on the inside. I have often seen this with demolished buildings, a set of fireplaces against the wall of the neighbouring building, remnants of wallpaper all that is left of a place that was a home.

Rosalind has recently opened Core Gallery in Deptford, a thriving young art space, and with recent articles written for
a-n Magazine, she seems to be developing an established painting career whilst having a practical curatorial and advisory role in the London art scene.