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Rosalind Davis on Susan Francis

Susan Francis immediately struck me as a choice blog to celebrate. Dedicated, passionate and committed, there is poetry in her words and a witty fiery soul that is revealed here:

‘Art has consumed me from the word go.’

Susan writes of her concepts: her interest in humanity and the traces we leave behind, but also explores the wider context of her work, of art and the role of artists, the struggles we universally endure. There is insightfulness and intellectual enquiry.

It is thrilling to hear as she speaks of the innate joy she gets in creating and finishing a piece of work and the obsession of it that I and others shall identify very closely with.

There is as well the serious desire to engage with others and the fight we have to be seen as artists and to keep going in spite of the fragile nature of ourselves and our works.

An inspiring blog.

Rosalind Davis is an artist and founding member of soon to be opened Core Gallery in Deptford