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This section also includes commissioned articles as well as press and interviews with Rosalind.

As a writer Davis has co-written What They Didnt Teach You in Art School, pulished by Octopus Books and contributed to to the Guardian, a-n Magazine and Artlicks.

Watch an interview with Rosalind talking about a number of subjects including her work, why art, sustainability and philosophies with
Maija Lepins at Chapel Arts Studios ahead of her talk there on the 1 December here

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Secondary Structures. Wall Street International Article
Definitely Uncertain Sculpture by Jillian Knipe
An article about Rosalind Davis' work as Curator and Artist, Andrea Madjesi-Jones, Silvina Soria and Andrea V Wright.
"These four artists broaden what was once referred to as "form" into "formation". From a singular shape to an emergence of bringing something or some things into existence. As a result, their work becomes a little more difficult to interpret than their predecessors but is all the more liberated and democratic for it. They have progressed from the mantra of the minimalists who insisted on dealing with only what was in front of them, or, in the words of Frank Stella, 'what you see is what you see', to acknowledging the body, the present.unseen and personal histories. These are all arguably and equally what is there in the moment alongside the materials for making...

Rosalind Davis also observes this tension between the personal and the order, beginning with a focus on public housing. Aside from her curatorial work, she is a published author and an artist in her own right. Her practice has developed from an exterior view of buildings to stepping inside the room and exploring the space within. 'Haus Constructiv' 2017 is a modular structure of steel, perspex and thread. It plays off last century's constructivist and concrete artists to create a transformative piece which looks to fold, shift, disassemble, lean and reconfigure itself with endless possibilities. Rosalind relates this to her earlier paintings of brutalist and modernist buildings as if she's 'taken the structure and pulled it out and turned it into a sculpture'. Read the full article here
Haus Konstructiv. no format Gallery. Final Install

Rosalind Davis' 7 Top Tips for Surviving and Thriving after Art School

Rosalind Davis talks about the process and ideas behind her work in Make_Shift at Collyer Bristow Gallery with dateagleart.

An interview with Rosalind by the Art Side of Life is now live on YouTube where she talks about her art education and subsequent career as an artist and curator, fab mentors and collaborations, time, organisation, valuable experiences and exhibitions and great advice she was given... and building your own art it here.


Book now available!
‘What they didn't teach you in Art School'
written by Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley

What They Didn’t Teach You in Art School: Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley (Octopus Books)
A comprehensive introduction to how to survive and succeed as an artist, artist-curators Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley have created an easy to use guide that draws on the advice and experience of over 30 contributors, including artist and a-n contributor Alistair Gentry, curatorial duo Day+Gluckman, and painter Graham Crowley. While much of the advice and ideas here may not be new in of themselves, what is new and hugely worthwhile is the way they have been brought together in a practical and accessible format.There’s much here that will be helpful for artists starting out, and possibly some useful tips for more established practitioners too. a-n.

' Essential Reading for Artists' The Observer.

'What they didn't .....' reads beautifully. It's thankfully free of jargon and there's also no arts-speak - that's not only refreshing but essential in a book designed to demistify and enable. The style is both accessible and intelligible. The balance of lucidity and (raw) information is a hell of an achievement. The 'voice' of the writer(s) is authoritative and generous. Instead of dictating to the reader you offer them a range of strategies. I was very glad to see that you've avoided giving undue credence to the business of celebrity, 'success' and fame. Your book allows the reader to address their needs in a purposeful and intelligent manner.
I also enjoyed the way in which you've managed to encourage the reader to reference their own values and needs. You've resisted the temptation to impose a template.'

Graham Crowley

Published by Octopus Books.
Order your copy here.
Also available in the Tate, the Barbican, Waterstones, Saatchi Gallery, ICA, Baltic, National Gallery at Guardian Books and many more.

A review of Fabrications, an exhibition at the Furniture Makers Hall by David Gledhill on @an_artreviews

Davis’ paintings cite and improvise on a high modern repertoire of architectural and design forms, adding stitched geometries and broad washes of translucent pigment to conjure a set of complex interior spaces that convey something of the existential doubt that began to infect the modernist project during the post-war period. In the drawers of an elegant desk in the upstairs room, Davis has placed a series of altered photographic reproductions from Lesley Jackson’s Modern British Furniture.
Stitched and painted across, these canonical tubular steel and leather chairs are pulled back from their pristine functionalism to a provisional status that simultaneously offers and questions the promise of a plan for living. The use of needlecraft in both the paintings and photographs reinfuses the angular severity of industrialised production methods with a comforting domesticity, reminding the viewer of the quite different principles that had informed pre-modern design movements.

Entry Point, a steel and thread sculpture suspended in the stairwell, effortlessly achieves a harmony of materials, form and space that evokes approval of the modernist integration of art and life,
Read more here.

Work featured in;
Stitch Stories: Personal Places, Spaces and Traces in Textile Art by Cas Holmes

Telling Tales

FMh Installation1

"Tales of Winter: The Art of Snow & Ice"
Broadcast on BBC4
Directed by Spike Geillinger, Assistant Producer Dan Goldschmeid
This film takes an eclectic group of people from all walks of life out into the cold to reflect on the paintings that have come to define the art of snow and ice. Contributors include Rosalind Davis, Grayson Perry, Will Self and Don McCullin
Watch a clip here

Renowned art dealer and founder of the Hollywood Road Art's club, Amanda K Lambert talks us through her top 10 female Artists on Rise Art including Rosalind Davis and Fiona Rae.
Read more here

Colinne Milliard on Blouin Art Info, "Painting Exhibition on the 2011 Riots Opens in Tottenham"
A show tackling the riots that spread like wildfire across London and other British cities in the late summer 2011 has opened in Tottenham, then one of the epicentres of unrest in the capital.
Read more here =

Riots and Reparation: an interview with Rosalind Davis | by Tom Jeffreys, Wild Culture Magazine...
' The paintings have a kind of intimacy which is at once alluring and unsettling...ADavis talks of the desire to explore “sensations of vulnerability and insecurity” in works that are at once calm, violent
These quiet, blue works form a series of personal relics – “a kind of commemoration (the stitch being about reparation)”. There’s a note of the elegiac here – a contemplative sadness for a past and absent moment of violence – but also hope, beauty and a sensitivity to the individual (story/event/rioter/shop-owner).
Read full article here.

We Were Here Once

Rosalind Davis talks riots, paintings, being an artist and ZeitgeistArtsProjects on Reprezent Radio.
Listen here

Rosalind Davis was invited to write an article for the CSM Fine Art Degree Show Catalogue 2014.
Read Reinventing the Art World

More press below.

The Tales of Winter. BBC4. Rosalind Davis discusses the work of Monet.


"Tales of Winter: The Art of Snow & Ice"
Broadcast on BBC4, 22 January 2013
Directed and filmed by Spike Geillinger, Assistant Producer Dan Goldschmeid (research& sound) ...more

Deliverance, an essay by Alexander Barret


In conjunction with Deliverance Exhibition at CoExist Arts, June 2011 ...more

The 21st Century Artist


Originally published in Artlicks 2011.
See more about Artlicks here ...more

Material Matters Interview for the Courtauld Institute of Art


Interview with Rosalind Davis by Jo Conde.
Part of the East Wing X, Material Matters Exhibition at The Courtauld Institute of Art ...more

Andrew Bryant reviews Rosalind's work on a-n Interface


'Rosalind Davis reveals herself to be a visionary artist of sensitivity and complexity... Her mixed media paintings of dystopian landscapes incorporate embroidery and floral-print textiles ....they conjure up a claustrophobic world of the uncanny. ' ...more

Rosalind Davis Answers FADs Questions


Rosalind Davis Answers FADs Questions about Art, Inspiration, Processes & Forthcoming Plans
Read more here

Rosalind Davis contributes to the Guardian


Rosalind took part in
Live Q&A with the Guardian Careers Blog:
Quiz the professional artists
Read it here

Artist Profile by Becky Hunter


Jun 30th, 2010
'I approached mixed-media, London-based artist Rosalind Davis for an interview for my site after reading her a-n Artists Talking/Blogger blog, ‘Becoming Part of Something‘, as part of my current research into setting up a gallery and studio complex of my own. In the diary-style blog, Rosalind self-critically discusses her creative work, as well as her stressful and rewarding role as co-manager of Core Gallery, Deptford.' ...more

Artists Talking: Blogger Profile. April 2011


Is surface texture, pattern and ’the natural’ an escape or a trap? Rosalind Davis talks to Andrew Bryant about this and other questions in her work. ...more

10 Social Media Tips for Artists for Jotta


[/b]Compiled by Millie Ross

Julia Alvarez, Director of Bearspace discusses Rosalind Davis’ work


'Rosalind Davis is a painter that graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2005, and has been steadily carving a career in painting by developing her unique style, incorporating urban forms, juxtaposing chintz patterns into the works.' ...more

Review of Extra-Ordinary by White Hot Magazine


White Hot Magazine
Tom Butler, Marion Michell, Alyson Helyer:
Curated by Rosalind Davis and Jane Boyer.
Core Gallery
C101 Faircharm Trading Estate
8 – 12 Creekside, Deptford
London SE8 3DX
23 April through 8 May, 2011

Humour, ambiguity, intensity and contradiction take the limelight at a South London gallery and confirm there's more to London's art scene that merely what's on north of the Thames. ...more

Core Gallery Interview with Chantelle Purcell


Core Gallery Interview with Rosalind Davis
31st January 2011
By Chantell Purcell
Originally published on

I am delighted to interview Rosalind Davis a practicing artist, writer, lecturer, elective member of AIR Artists Advisory Group, and co-director of Core Gallery. ...more

Artists Talking


Artists talking... talking! : ...more

Being Part of Something. Degrees Unedited Article


Being part of something
Rosalind Davis

Original article published in Degrees Unedited, a-n, June 2010

Graduation comes so fast that many students rarely plan for what happens on day one of becoming a ‘professional’ artist. The loss of the supporting educational environment and immediate peer network can lead to feelings of isolation. Making the transition from being a student to establishing a professional career, building a reputation and garnering interest in your work can be a daunting experience, ...more



A visual game of you’re IT by Liv Pennington
Rosalind Davis was selected for the October Chain ...more

Choice Blog on a-n, June 2010 , selected by Sian Hislop


'Rosalind Davis' blog 'Becoming Part of Something' is a perceptive and illuminating insight into the trials and tribulations artists face on their post-college odyssey.' ...more

Rosalind Davis Guest Edits on a-n Artists Talking


'Susan Francis immediately struck me as a choice blog to celebrate. Dedicated, passionate and committed, there is poetry in her words' ...more

Spoonfed Review of Rosalind's work at John Jones


'The star of the night has to be Rosalind Davis. Her exhibition of mixed media paintings in the Projection space reflects a fascination with grotty and disused looking buildings which have an underlying importance to the communities they serve.' ...more

Interview with Becky Hunter about Core Gallery


Interview: Rosalind Davis, artist and Core Gallery manager
Jun 29th, 2010 by Becky Hunter .
I spoke to London-based Royal College of Art graduate, practicing artist and gallery co-manager Rosalind Davis about the highs, lows and intricate details of setting up, administrating and promoting an artist-run space in Deptford. Rosalind very generously answered all of my questions in considerable depth, so I decided not to edit the interview at all. That way, we get maximum benefit from her hard-earned insight. ...more

Rosalind Davis interviewed by Oh Goodness Greatness


'I seek out buildings that on the surface might seem neglected. But for the individuals who use them, they are a refuge and are of vital importance.' ...more

You Tube Video: Behind the setting up of Core Gallery


Video by Neil Kelly interviewing Rosalind Davis and others at the Core Gallery Launch with Exquisite Corpse, 29th April 2010 ...more

Review of 'Floor Space', Phoenix Gallery, Brighton on a-n Interface


'Floor Plan explores buildings, architecture, and the physical, aesthetic, and psychological interactions between these structures, their inhabitants, and the surrounding communities.' ...more

AIR Interview: Rosalind Davis on the new coalition


'I make art because I want to. I fund my practise by selling my work in galleries, working as a creative practitioner and lecturer which are all very fulfilling. So cuts to art funding wont directly impact on my artwork but it may impact upon my employment as a creative practitioner.' ...more

Review of Rosalind Davis' blog by writer James Oakley


'In order to get a grip on exactly what it takes to make a top quality arts blog, I wrestled blogging supremo visual artist Rosalind Davis to the ground to ask for her top tips. I also turned on the kettle. It does help.' ...more

A Review of A Difference in Vision by Pop T'Art


'I first noticed Rosalind Davis‘ mixed media paintings last year at the Deptford X art festival. I was drawn by the vibrant colours and clever use of fabric to create collage pieces which she then paints and embroiders over.' ...more

'Projection Space' selected by Matt Roberts as Choice Blog on a-n


'Davis' blog exists as a living portfolio, as we, the reader are offered a window into the ideas that lay behind each piece as she juggles the pressures of life, work, and artistic ambition.' ...more