Link text here...Link text here...Link text here...[b][/b]Rosalind Davis’ is an artist, Curator for Collyer Bristow Gallery, writer, lecturer and consultant. A graduate of The Royal College of Art (2005) and Chelsea College of Art (2003) Davis has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her central concerns in her practice are architecture, transformation of space, process and materiality working in painting, installation, drawing and photography.
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'Intersection' explores the point at which the visual arts and architecture meet – an exhibition featuring the work of practitioners in both disciplines

Opening night Thursday 13 July 2017 6pm - 9pm
14-16 July 2017. Daily 12pm - 4pm
DOK Artist Space, 94 Ocean Drive, Edinburgh EH6 6JH

Featuring the work of James Basey, Rosie Brotherwood, Tamsin Cunningham, Rosalind Davis, Emily Moore, Mark Osborne, Mega Rea, Remi Rough, Paul Stallan, Charlie Stiven and Olivia Turner. The show also features a live musical performance, by Hans Klammer.

Curated by practicing artist Olivia Turner, Co-Director of DOK Artist Space and Chris Dobson, Architecture Fringe Co-Producer and Associate Director at 3DReid.

Mardi Gras Requiem

This is an online auction of artworks to raise money for Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital organised and curated by Andrew Bracey
An exhibition of the works is on Project Space Plus gallery in Lincoln from 19th – 28th July where the works can be viewed in person.
Please view the artworks here and make a bid. Bidding is open until 11:59pm on 28th July 2017.

Stewarts Law RCA Secrets
9 September 2017 to 15 September 2017 | 9am – 6pm | Late openings 11 & 15 until 8pm.
Royal College of Art, Battersea, Dyson Building
The RCA's annual fundraising postcard sale will feature over 2,000 postcard-sized drawings, collages, photographs and sculptures by some of the world’s most celebrated artists and designers, as well as by promising students from the College.

RCA Secret attracts high-profile art collectors and passionate art lovers. Each of the postcards on display is sold anonymously for £55, with the identity of the maker revealed only when the purchase is complete. All profits from the sale go towards the RCA Student Award Fund, which helps emerging artists at a formative stage in their careers by funding scholarships to the College.

Upcoming exhibition as Curator at Collyer Bristow Gallery

Full press release and info here.

Collyer Bristow Exhibition; EXCEPTIONAL The Collyer Bristow New Graduate Exhibition and Award.
Curated by Rosalind Davis
Until 14 June 2017
Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London, WC1V


"The art works are intriguing and provoking.... cleverly and imaginatively curated..."
Read the full review of the exhibition here by Robert Dunt,

'Exceptional' not only introduces a talented selection of recent graduates, but questions the white cube's easyreading by presenting works in an environment which challenges and enriches how they are seen.” Read the full review of the exhibition by Jillian Knipe here

View the Online catalogue here.

Also featured on The Art Partner's Weekly Digest 'In Focus' here


Exceptional Artist list

Read the full press release and about the award winning artist Emmanuelle Loiselle here here.

No-One Lives in the Real World

Book now available!
‘What they didn't teach you in Art School'
written by Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley


What They Didn’t Teach You in Art School:
Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley (Octopus Books)
A comprehensive introduction to how to survive and succeed as an artist, artist-curators Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley have created an easy to use guide that draws on the advice and experience of over 30 contributors, including artist and a-n contributor Alistair Gentry, curatorial duo Day+Gluckman, and painter Graham Crowley. While much of the advice and ideas here may not be new in of themselves, what is new and hugely worthwhile is the way they have been brought together in a practical and accessible format. There’s much here that will be helpful for artists starting out, and possibly some useful tips for more established practitioners too. Chris Sharrett, a-n.

' Essential Reading for Artists' The Observer.

'What they didn't .....' reads beautifully. It's thankfully free of jargon and there's also no arts-speak - that's not only refreshing but essential in a book designed to demistify and enable. The style is both accessible and intelligible. The balance of lucidity and (raw) information is a hell of an achievement. The 'voice' of the writer(s) is authoritative and generous. Instead of dictating to the reader you offer them a range of strategies. I was very glad to see that you've avoided giving undue credence to the business of celebrity, 'success' and fame. Your book allows the reader to address their needs in a purposeful and intelligent manner.
I also enjoyed the way in which you've managed to encourage the reader to reference their own values and needs. You've resisted the temptation to impose a template.' Graham Crowley
Order your copy here.
Also available in the Tate, the Barbican, Waterstones, Saatchi Gallery, ICA, Baltic, National Gallery at Guardian Books and many more.

Recent Exhibitions / Curatorial Projects /Talks

The Undead Painters
3rd March 6-9pm

Undead Painters proudly presents FLASH SALON III at Saturation Point Space in Depford. Featuring works by some of London's strongest painters.
Saturation Point
ACME, Studio 14, 2nd Floor
165 Childers Street

Sasha Bowles, Rosalind Davis, Justin Hibbs, Evy Jokhova and Gibson/Martelli.
A residency commencing in an exhibition curated by Rosalind Davis.
12-22 October 2016
Arthouse, 45 Grange road, London, SE1


A review of Fabrications, a recent exhibition at the Furniture Makers Hall by David Gledhill on @an_artreviews

Davis’ paintings cite and improvise on a high modern repertoire of architectural and design forms, adding stitched geometries and broad washes of translucent pigment to conjure a set of complex interior spaces that convey something of the existential doubt that began to infect the modernist project during the post-war period. In the drawers of an elegant desk in the upstairs room, Davis has placed a series of altered photographic reproductions from Lesley Jackson’s Modern British Furniture.
Stitched and painted across, these canonical tubular steel and leather chairs are pulled back from their pristine functionalism to a provisional status that simultaneously offers and questions the promise of a plan for living. The use of needlecraft in both the paintings and photographs reinfuses the angular severity of industrialised production methods with a comforting domesticity, reminding the viewer of the quite different principles that had informed pre-modern design movements.

Entry Point, a steel and thread sculpture suspended in the stairwell, effortlessly achieves a harmony of materials, form and space that evokes approval of the modernist integration of art and life,
Read more here.

Work featured in;
Stitch Stories: Personal Places, Spaces and Traces in Textile Art by Cas Holmes

Arts Management at Chelsea College of Art

Social Media Marketing course at LCC

As a Social Media Marketing expert, Davis has consulted for arts organisations, charities and independants as well as corporations such as BBC4, E4 and recently the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. She has been delivering lectures, workshops and short courses in social media for a number of years and teaches on the social media marketing course at UAL. Davis focuses on ideas generation, creative strategies, content building and audience engagement.

Art Textiles in Mixed Media Stitch at West Dean College.
10-13 December.
More info here.

Exit Strategy